Bánh cuốn thanh trì hà nội


While Hanoi has successfully exported some of its best recipes to the outside world, pho is a prime example, a handful of its delicacies remain hidden, available to lớn only the city’s connoisseurs. Banh cuon Thanh khô Tri is one of those under-the-radar dishes.

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Grandma Hoanh’s stall is available all day

My first experience with banh cuon Tkhô giòn Tri was also at Grandma Hoanh’s stall at number 66 To Hien Thanh Street. And lượt thích other Vietnamese eaters, I paid attention lớn the dipping sauce before anything else. Grandma Hoanh’s amber-lượt thích colored sauce leans toward the savory side so it was complementary to lớn the simple rice crepes. At first, it seemed heavy with the taste of fish sauce, but then the depth came through và there were subtle sour và sweet.

Grandma Hoanh’s stall is in cthua proximity lớn the Old Quarter and open all day so it is where you want khổng lồ head to lớn if you want a quiông chồng fix of banh cuon Thanh hao Tri.

If you can manage to lớn go a little farther beyond the area around the Old Quarter và can get up really early in the morning, I mean lượt thích 4:30 a.m. kind of early, I heard there is a more authentic place khổng lồ try.Still the bamboo basket with steamed rice crepes, fish sauce, vinegar, herbs, & crispy fried shallot, Grandma Nga’s stall is one of those that still honor the tradition of making banh cuonThanh hao Tri totally by hand.

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Her diners are mostly the elderly of her age who come lớn her di động stall at number 307 Bach Mai Street every morning for not only a light breakfast but also a friover khổng lồ talk to lớn. 30 years of making banh cuon has given grandma Nga the chất lượng skill mix lớn recreate the virtues of the glorious banh cuon Thanh khô Tri that Hanoians hold dear in their hearts.

While I am glad that there is still someone left to lớn preserve banh cuon Tkhô nóng Tri’s legacy, I cannot help wondering, what will become of this Hanoi’s delicacy when the last generation of people lượt thích grandma Nga pass away?

Now, a word of caution

Banh cuon is definitely a must try food in Hanoi. Most of the places selling banh cuon in Hanoi including those mentioned above sầu are street food stalls, which don’t have sầu the best food hygiene standards I must say.

If you prefer clean sit-down restaurants with a nice setting, I recommend the steamed rice rolls at Red Bean Trendy near Sword Lake. The banh cuon here is not the traditional Tkhô hanh Tri version, but it is very delicious with pork và mushroom fillings, topped with shrimp floss & fried shallots.

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