7 famous local markets in ho chi minh city


The Ho Chi Minh City located in the south of Vietphái nam is a must go lớn place to explore the happening night market. Vietphái mạnh is a l& of unimaginable beauty with a perfect setting for adventure. The country has its own charm & divine culture, và the night markets are a perfect reflection of what they imbibe. If you are accustomed lớn your regular dose of shopping experiences, then the night markets in Vietphái nam introduces you khổng lồ a new shopping culture under the night sky. You will be amazed by the urban display of culture with diverse colorful stalls of great food, và a lot of other interesting items khổng lồ browse through the roadside market at an unbelievable cheaper price. If you are a shopaholic in nature then, a visit lớn these night markets in the happening đô thị of Ho Chi Minch shouldn’t be given a miss. Let’s have sầu a look at the best night market places in Ho Chi Minc City, Vietphái nam khổng lồ harness your bargaining skills.

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This night market is one of the oldest & popular markets in the thành phố. This emblematic market has evolved as a popular landmark và the colorful backdrop acts as the best place for a photo session. Starting from clothing, local handicrafts, jewelry, beautiful souvenirs lớn household items, electronics, và branded goods, this market has virtually everything that you might think of buying to satisfy your shopping need. This market is a huge maze with a series of colorful stalls & eating joints serving the best of local cuisine.

Ben Thanh hao Night Market

Address: Chợ, Lê Lợi, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Website: Ben Thanh Night Market

Opening hours: 6 pm-12 am


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It’s a spectacular scene to watch at night as the market turns into lớn life as you hear a large number of welcome calls from the sellers. This night market has the best peach blossoms which are found especially during the Lunar New Year festival. You can find a variety of products such as clothing, accessories, furniture, hair care products, footwear & many more. All the stalls sell a similar sản phẩm at a different price. So make sure you look for the best price before buying.

Ky Hoa Night Market

Address: Cao Thang, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 7 pm onwards


Located in the main commercial center of the đô thị, this market is one of the oldest markets in the đô thị. This market is built with an oriental architecture with beautiful exteriors & a large yellow-tiled roof enhancing the entries and the exits. You can explore a plethora of messy stores selling fruit, candies, clothes, electronics, hand-made goods and many more at an affordable price.

Binc Tay Night Market

Address: 57a Tháp Mười, Phường 2, Quận 6, TP HCM, Vietnam

Website: Binc Tay Night Market

Opening hours: 2 am-10 pm


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This night market is known for being the wholesale market for a variety of colorful flowers including lilies, daisies, lotuses, roses, orchids và many more. The market is more lượt thích a giant maze of flowers you would love khổng lồ get lost in. These flowers are often imported from countries lượt thích Cambodia as well. If you stroll through the whole market, you will come across food stalls selling delicious Cambodian soup as well.

Ho Thi Ky Night Market

Address: Hẻm 52 Hồ Thị Kỷ, Phường 1, Quận 10, Sài Gòn 700000, Vietnam

Opening hours: 24 hours

This market was originally known as the Marbít de Phu Hoa and is one of the oldest historic markets in the đô thị. This market acquired a lot of attention for its French-style architecture built during 1927. In the past, the Phú Hòa Market was one of the most popular markets in the north of Saigon. Unfortunately, the historic building lost its roof but, it has managed to lớn retain its attractive façade in present times.

Chợ Tân Định

Address: 48 Mã Lộ, Tân Định, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Opening hours: 5 am-11 pm

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The Minc Phung night market is a shopping paradise for travelers. Whether you are looking for trendy handbags or you’re quibbling over local handcrafted goods, there is every possible thing available here that you might think of. If you are good at bargaining, then you can piông xã your choice of clothing, handbags, accessories or any other fancy goods at a way cheaper price that is displayed on the side of the street.

Minh Phung Night Market

Address: 122 Minh Phụng, Phường 6, Quận 6, Sài Gòn, Vietnam

Opening hours: 2 pm-12 am

This market is one of the happening market places in the city that becomes lively with lights và colors as the sun goes down. It’s amazing khổng lồ see how the market turns into lớn a shopping paradise & gets busier as the night progresses. This is the only night market that remains open the whole night. Here you also find a variety of goods starting from garments, accessories, watches, bags, handbags và many more.

Hoa Binh Night Market

Address: 18 Bui Huu Nghia, Ward 5, District 5, Ho Chi Minc City

Opening hours: 5 pm-12 am

This market is a great attraction for the residents living in that area. At night this market gets really busy as locals & tourists flochồng to lớn the market lớn meet their shopping needs at a really cheap price. Along with a large collection of products available in the market, there are food stalls catering delicious local food items at a remarkably cheap price. Despite being a crowded open market, the public order is properly maintained.

Trung My Tay Night Market

Address: 479 Đường TMT 13, Trung Mỹ Tây, Quận 12, Sài Gòn, Vietnam

Opening hours: 5 pm-5 am

9. Hanh Thong Tay Night Market

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This night market gets really crowded at night & is popular among muốn students & locals for its huge collection of items including handbags, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, & food. There is an abundance of goods lớn satisfy the needs of every age group. Besides, the market is also popular for its broad range of food choices at a reasonably low price.

Hanh Thong Tay Night Market

Address: Quang Trung, Phường 11, Gò Vấp, Sài Gòn, Vietnam

Website: Hanh Thong Tay Night Market

Opening hours: 6 pm-11 pm

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Located along the Bình Tkhô giòn district, this night market is pretty popular aý muốn locals for its wide variety of goods ranging from clothing, accessories, to lớn shoes và fresh fruits. The market is located a little away from the center of the đô thị resulting in fewer tourists in the area. Unlike the other night markets, this market is less crowded & is mostly filled with locals. Inside the market, there are a large series of stalls selling fresh và dry fruits. You can even explore the lip-smacking local cuisine at very a reasonable rate.

Ba Chieu Night Market

Address: Chợ Bà Cgọi, Phường 1, Q.Bình Thạnh, HCM 700000, Vietnam

Website: Ba Chieu Night Market

Opening hours: 5 am-8 pm

Perfect shopping experience at Ho Chi Minch City"s night markets

Vietphái mạnh is known for its vibrant culture, lifestyle and happening nightlife, & the night markets are the exact depictions of their cultural beauty. It’s exciting lớn watch how these markets turn alive with an array of stalls selling a variety of exciting things to lớn buy & taste. These night markets offer you a window khổng lồ get an insight inlớn the local lifestyle. Therefore, you must plan a visit to these night markets on your next trip and make sure you carry back a bag full of souvenirs.

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