Where to stay in hanoi: hanoi, vietnam's best areas to stay


Hanoi is a thành phố that scintillates the senses. It has a welcoming culture, a baffling history, và food so tasty it could make an ascetic cry – and all of that comes at a super affordable price!

In short, Hanoi is a dream destination for backpackers.

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Hanoi is big & busy, which can make it confusing. It’s hard khổng lồ know where the action is when the kích hoạt is everywhere. Fortunately, I have written this Hanoi mega-guide, perfect lớn help you find the place you need!

I’ve arranged my top picks by category, so you’ll know exactly which neighbourhood might best suit you. There are great places all over! No matter what your goals are for Hanoi, you’ll be able to lớn find the neighbourhood of your dreams.

So let’s jump right lớn it, here are my recommendations for where to stay in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Hanoi holds a bounty of untapped culture, history, & intrigue


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Where to Stay in Hanoi

Aren’t too fussed about where to stay on your Hanoi visit? These are my đứng đầu 3 recommendations!

Best Airbnb in Hanoi: Luxury apartment in the Hanoi Old Quarter


This apartment is located super close lớn the action- without suffering the consequences of disturbing noise or bustle. Located in a villa garden, this apartment is isolated, yet central. With decor that more closely resembles an American mansion than a Vietnamese homestay, this Airbnb will show you the best Vietnam has to offer. There is wifi, a kitchen, và room for up to lớn 4 guests.

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Best Hostel in Hanoi: Little Charm Hanoi Hostel


This is my choice for the absolute coolest hostel in Hanoi. Strategically located in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this hostel is close lớn the main tourist attractions. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars nearby. This hostel has a swimming pool, không lấy phí wifi, và breakfast each morning. This đứng top hostel will ensure you have a great stay in Hanoi!

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Best khách sạn in Hanoi: Solaria Hanoi


With frankly offensive skyline views from the rooftop bar, this hotel is perfect for experiencing one of Hanoi’s best luxury hotels. Breakfasts are exactly what you might expect from a top establishment, & there is a spa to drop in khổng lồ for a little R & R. Definitely gets my pick for the best Hanoi Hotel!

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Hanoi Neighborhood Guide




Ba Dinh

Ba Dinh is a large suburb located north of Hanoi đô thị centre. It’s characterized by its leafy streets và laid-back atmosphere as well as it’s stunning setting along the southern shores of Lake Ho Tay


Hoan Kiem

Hoan Kiem is the historic centre và soul of the city. Hanoi’s hectic và chaotic downtown, Hoan Kiem is packed with busy streets, vibrant temples, buzzing cafes, ancient gates và plenty of traditional shops

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Tay Ho

Tay Ho is a district located north of Hanoi thành phố centre along the shores of Ho Tay Lake. Not long ago, Tay Ho was a cluster of fishing villages known for their sleepy and quiet atmosphere


Hai cha Trung

Hai cha Trung is a modern và lively district mix in Hanoi’s đô thị centre. Adjacent lớn the Old Quarter, this district is well-connected throughout Hanoi, making it a great base for exploring the city


Truc Bach

This small residential neighbourhood sits on the southern shores of Truc Bach Lake. It is centrally located nestled between bố Dinh, Hoan Kiem và Tay Ho, và is well-connected throughout Hanoi

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Hanoi is a fascinating thành phố that seamlessly blends old và new, east and west. It is a đô thị bustling with energy, excitement and delicious food. If you’re backpacking Vietnam, visiting should be an essential part of your trip.

Hanoi is the capital & second-largest thành phố in Vietnam. It is trang chủ to more than 7.7 million people and covers an area of 3,329 square kilometres. The city is divided into 30 urban và rural districts, which are further subdivided into townlets, communes, & wards.

So Hanoi is big! Definitely worth checking out your options, unless you are ok ending up in a dodgy industrial estate miles away from anything…

…Anyway, let’s get into where khổng lồ stay in Hanoi!

Ba Dinh is the political centre of Hanoi. This is where you’ll find the president’s palace và a number of embassies, as well as Hanoi’s most visited attractions & historical landmarks.

Head east from here & you’ll arrive in Hai tía Trung. One of the coolest neighbourhoods in Hanoi, this district is busy, modern and with plenty of hip cafes.

Hanoi’s Hai bố Trung is filled with eccentric cafes you won’t find elsewhere!

Travel slightly north up lớn Hoan Kiem. More commonly known as Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the Hoan Kiem district is one of the most popular in the city, packed with temples, gates, and traditional shops. Its proximity to a bunch of vị trí cao nhất attractions, hostels, and great feeds means it is ideal for backpackers,

Continue heading north and you’ll pass through Truc Bach. Nestled on the shores of a tiny lake, Truc Bach is a great place to enjoy a breath of fresh air & a break from the hustle of central Hanoi.

Finally, we’ll have a look at Tay Ho. Once a sleepy fishing village, Tay Ho is now a haven for ex-pats and foreigners. This lively and vibrant neighbourhood is home to great options for dining, shopping, & nightlife. If you’re interested in staying long-term, kiểm tra out our guide on the cost of living in Vietnam.

Hanoi’s 5 Best Neighborhoods khổng lồ Stay in

In this next section, I’ll give you more details about the five best neighbourhoods lớn stay in Hanoi. Each caters to different travel interests, so be sure lớn pick the neighbourhood that’s the best fit for you!

1. Tía Dinh –Where khổng lồ Stay in Hanoi for your First Time

Ba Dinh is a large suburb located north of the main Hanoi centre. It’s characterized by its leafy streets & laid-back atmosphere, as well as its stunning setting along the southern shores of Lake Ho Tay. Cha Dinh is home to many of Hanoi’s most popular tourist attractions, which is why it’s my pick for where to stay in Hanoi if you’re visiting for the first time.

Hanoi has a rich history, and lots to lớn explore

Well-connected lớn Hanoi’s Old Quarter, bố Dinh is ideally located for exploring the city. From here, you can easily zip into the thành phố centre & enjoy the hustle, bustle, and chaos of Hanoi before retreating lớn your peaceful oasis in cha Dinh.

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Best Airbnb in bố Dinh: Luxury apartment in the Hanoi Old Quarter

With an unbeatable location close to lớn the bulk of Hanoian attractions, this cosy western apartment gives a trang chủ away from trang chủ feel. Enclosed within villa grounds, this stay comes with garden views, a spacious kitchen, không tính phí parking, và dedicated workspace.

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Best Hotels in bố Dinh:

Babylon Grand Hotel

Located just north of the old town, this Hanoi khách sạn is a top-class stay. With friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and tasty breakfasts, your time in Hanoi will be both restful and straightforward. The air-conditioned rooms are fitted with safes, bathtubs và crucially (for any good hotel trip) minibars.

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Westlake hotel (Five Stars)

When in Rome eh? Well, if five-star hotels come at similar prices khổng lồ a standard English bed and breakfast, I can’t see any reason khổng lồ say no. With an awesome Asian/ continental breakfast, spacious rooms, & an indoor pool, this is one of the best hotels to lớn spend a few nights in. There is a gym too!

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Top Things to do in cha Dinh

Admire the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site & an intriguing historical landmark.Browse more than 8,000 original artefacts at the Museum of Artillery.Dine on delicious rice noodle rolls, a local speciality.Eat savoury banh xeo pancakes.Explore the life of Vietnamese Revolutionary leader Ho bỏ ra Minh at the Ho đưa ra Minh Museum.See the impressive Ho đưa ra Minh’s Mausoleum.Marvel at the Temple of Literature, which honours Vietnam’s most revered scholars.Stand at the centre of tía Dinh Square, where the Proclamation of Independence was read in 1945.Stop and smell the roses at the Hanoi Botanical Garden.Wander the grounds of the Presidential Palace.
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The Hoan Kiem district is the historic centre & soul of the city. Known as Hanoi’s hectic downtown, Hoan Kiem is packed with busy streets, vibrant temples, buzzing cafes, ancient gates, và plenty of traditional shops. Here, you’ll find some of the oldest streets in the country, with history & legend oozing out of every corner.

Hanoi Old Quarter is also where you’ll find a high concentration of budget accommodation options. From fantastic examples of Vietnam’s social backpacker hostels to lớn charming boutique hotels & even some Airbnb offerings, this quarter of the city is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

Hoan Kiem Lake is home to the legendary Turtle Tower

Whilst you may spend the majority of your time tussling with crowds in Dong Xuan market, there is also something to lớn be said for the Hoan Kiem lake, which offers a little peace và quiet in the area. This is a great green area to lớn explore before heading back into the melee.

The Hanoi french quarter is east of the Hoan Kiem Lake, & makes another great area to lớn visit. Almost as busy as the old quarter, this part of Hanoi contains exquisite french architecture và is a great afternoon’s exploration. If you’re into motorbiking, a bunch of unique accessory shops are phối up here, meaning you can whizz around Vietnam in style!

Best Airbnb in Hoan Kiem: Stylish Apartment with Rooftop Pool

Does what it says on the tin. It is well groovy, & there is a rooftop pool. Sleeping up to lớn 8, this cosy apartment has free wifi, a workable kitchen, và a warm wooden vibe. If you’re after a great place for a family or group of mates, look no further!

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Best Hostel in Hoan Kiem: Little Charm Hanoi Hostel

The Little Charm Hostel is my recommendation for where to stay in Hoan Kiem. Strategically located in Hanoi Old Quarter, this hostel is close to lớn popular main tourist attractions. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes & bars nearby. This hostel has a swimming pool, miễn phí wifi, and breakfast each morning.

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Best Hotels in Hoan Kiem:

Ambassador Hanoi khách sạn & Spa

This amazing khách sạn comes complete with an in-house restaurant và a stylish lounge bar. The rooms are modern và comfortable. Located just a few minutes’ walk from Hanoi’s liveliest district, this three-star khách sạn has a great selection of dining, shopping, and nightlife options at its doorstep.

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Hanoi diamond King Hotel

This contemporary khách sạn has a great location in Hoan Kiem. It offers easy access to top attractions as well as shopping, dining, and nightlife. Rooms have air conditioning, wireless internet, và a variety of modern features. There’s also a laundry service available on request.

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Top Things to do in Hoan Kiem

Browse the bustling Dong Xuan Market.Drink cheap beer at Bia Hoi Junction.Explore the Hoa Lo Prison Museum, which housed Vietnamese revolutionaries và American POWs during the Vietnam war.Go for a stroll around stunning Hoan Kiem Lake & visit the legendary Ngoc Son temple.Grab a pint at Legend Beer Hanoi.Marvel at St Joseph’s Cathedral of Hanoi, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the city.See the small but beautiful Bach Ma Temple.Shop for souvenirs at the busy & buzzing Hanoi Weekend Night Market.Visit the Temple of the Jade Mountain.

3. Tay Ho –The best area khổng lồ stay in Hanoi for nightlife

Tay Ho is a district located north of Hanoi city centre along the shores of Ho Tay Lake. Not long ago, Tay Ho was a cluster of fishing villages known for their sleepy and quiet atmosphere. Today, this district is one of the liveliest in Hanoi, famous for the Tay Ho Weekend Market. It attracts large populations of ex-pats và students, & has become one of the best places for a debaucherous night out in Hanoi.

The Tran Quoc Pagoda is a sight. Go & have a look for some Viet ambience!

Love lớn eat? Tay Ho is for you! This modern district is dotted with trendy eateries & hip restaurants that serve up cuisines from all corners of the globe. From traditional Vietnamese to French haute-cuisine, this neighbourhood will excite your senses & titillate your taste buds.

Best Airbnb in Tay Ho: Classy Studio with Westlake View

If you’re searching for a little upper tier living, then this studio is for you! Decorated luxuriously, và boasting exclusive thành phố panoramas, this chic apartment an added option for gym và pool access. There is a washer-dryer, well designed kitchen, và comfy living space. This stay even has a projector for a Hanoi movie night (and maybe take a look at our vị trí cao nhất travel movies for inspiration)!

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Best Hostel in Tay Ho: Tuna Homestay

Based in an attractive, sunny building, this hostel is super friendly và is a great place khổng lồ stay if you want to lớn avoid the crowds of the old town without compromising on comfort or price. The hostel has some great chill-out spaces, offers book exchange, và has a clean kitchen. There are security lockers, female-only dorm rooms, & air conditioning.

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Best Hotels in Tay Ho:

The Royal khách sạn Hanoi

The Royal hotel Hanoi is in a fantastic location for exploring Hanoi – which is why it’s my recommendation for where to lớn stay in Hanoi and Tay Ho. The rooms have large & comfortable beds, and the khách sạn has the usual bundle of facilities, including miễn phí wifi and a laundry service. There’s also an in-house restaurant.

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West Lake Tay Ho Hotel, 696 L?c Long

Of all the mid-range hotels in Hanoi, this three-star khách sạn is an ideal choice. It has easy access khổng lồ Hanoi’s đứng top attractions, great bars, và delicious restaurants. The rooms all come with air conditioning, và each has its own shower, minibar, và cable/satellite TV. Best of all, it comes in at a low price, meaning comfort và affordability wrapped up in one!

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Top Things to vì in Tay Ho

Catch a show at Hanoi Rock City.Dance the night away lớn house and techno music at Savage Club Hanoi.Enjoy a night of vibrant music, art, & drinks at The Sidewalk Bar & Grill.Go for a walk around Ho Tay Lake.Marvel at Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vietnam’s oldest temple.Shop for fair-trade và organic products and gifts at Betterday.Sip cool cocktails as you enjoy the view at Sunset Bar.Start your day with a coffee from Oriberry.Tease your taste buds at the Tay Ho Weekend Market.Visit the Tay Ho Temple.
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