Garden by the bay ticket (flower dome + cloud

Wheelchair accessible: The Gardens is wheelchair-friendly, with special ramps, lifts and barrier-free routes. Wheelchairs are available for rental at Visitor Information Counters located at the Visitor Centre & The Canopy

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Audio guide: The venue offers miễn phí downloadable apps, the Gardens by the Bay App và the Plant Explorer App. Audio guides can be rented at the venue for an extra fee
You"re good to lớn go! Health and safety measures are in place so you can enjoy culture with confidence.



Entrance to lớn cooled conservatories; Cloud Forest & Flower Dome (only with "Gardens by the Bay 1 Day Ticket")
Audio guide (available for rent at the Visitor Services Centre for $4 per headmix in English, Mandarin và Japanese)


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Explore four gorgeous garden landscapes of Floral Fantasy with this sweet-smelling tăng cấp. See flowering plants dance as they"re suspended from the ceiling. Spot Nobu, the garden guardian and his nine fairy friends hiding in the flowers. Enter a cave-lượt thích space ringed with terraced roông chồng formations, và take a stroll amidst a rainy oasis with waterfalls of flowers!

Visit a mini-đô thị of lush green beauty at Singapore"s botanical wonderl&, và don"t miss the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome, the largest in the world!Enjoy the changing arrangements of international flowers & the mighty plant-covered structures of Supertree Grove that all light up at nightStep inkhổng lồ the Cloud Forest and be transported into lớn a montane ecosystem where ferns & orchids grow, và a huge 35-metre waterfall flows

Think misty indoor rainforests, a cascading waterfall, & night-time light shows overlooking Singapore"s impressive sầu skyline. Words just don"t bởi vì Gardens by the Bay justice. Skip the line straight inkhổng lồ the future, & discover this eco-friendly & sustainable world of botanical wonders, including the infamous Gardens by the Bay flower dome - a world of perpetual spring, where unique plants bloom!

Forget about flying cars; this is what the cities of the future need. Designed with sustainability, beauty, và public health in mind, Gardens by the Bay is Singapore"s shining light to lớn the world.

Situated next to lớn the Marina Reservoir in central Singapore, these gardens are a futuristic fusion of nature and urban life, featuring the world"s largest glass greenhouse and indoor waterfall, và the jaw-dropping 50-meter tall vertical gardens of Supertree Grove.

With so much to see, you can easily spkết thúc an entire day marveling at the natural beauty and feats of engineering on display here. The future is bright. The future is Singapore.

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Follow the instructions on your ticket khổng lồ reserve a timeslot on the Gardens by the Bay website before your visitThe availability on the Gardens by the Bay website might differ from the one on You can choose any visit date within the validity period mentioned on your ticketScan the ticket directly at the turnstile for both Conservatories and the Floral Fantasy

Getting there:

Train & Bus (via Circle Line or Downtown Line): Alight at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16). Take exit B & follow the underground linkway. Exit và cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge inlớn Gardens by the Bay; (via East-West Line) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15). Take exit C & go khổng lồ bus stop #03223 (International Plaza, Anson Road). Take bus 400 và alight at stop #03371 along Marina Gardens DriveWalking (from the Helix Bridge towards the Art Science Museum): Follow the footpath under the East Coast Parkway (ECP) & you"ll get directly inkhổng lồ Bay South Garden. From Marina Bay Sands: Walk across the overhead Lions Bridge (Marina Bay Sands Hotel), or take the underground linkway via Bayfront MRT Station (Exit B)

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