How long to microwave hot pockets

How long do you cook a Hot Pocket in the microwave, air fryer, convection oven or traditional oven? We will explain Hot Pocket cook times for each of the methods so they come out perfect.

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The question of the day is how long vì chưng you cook a Hot Pocket. It’s not rocket science and there are directions on the box but that is only for one way. You may be curious about others. If you don’t have a microwave NO worries, you can still cook your favorite snack other ways. (affiliate links present)

Pepperoni Hot Pocket Cook Time

It does not matter whether you are going khổng lồ make the meatballs và cheese, pizza, beef wellington hot pocket or other how to cook a hot pocket ham và cheese doesn’t change.

They all have the same timing no matter which way go. You can certainly follow the instructions on the box but I vày think they are 10 seconds off. I opt for a bit less so it doesn’t bust out of the seams.

How bởi vì you cook a Hot Pocket?

You can make them in a microwave, air fryer, a convection oven or traditional oven. Cook times vary for all 4 methods. From 1 minute 50 seconds to 28 minutes in the oven you have your choice on how to lớn heat it up & crisp the outside. All work great, we’ll explain every method here.


How long vì chưng you cook 2 Hot Pockets in the microwave?

One would be 2 minutes, or 1 minute 50 seconds if you ask me is more perfect. Two is almost double but not quite. You don’t want to lớn heat them too much or the insides will start lớn ooze out of the sides and start khổng lồ dry up. 3 minutes 30 seconds is a better bet.

Hot Pocket Cook Time in Microwave

This is the most common way khổng lồ heat these up. They have directions on the back but just like I stated, I feel like for the most part it is 10 seconds too much.

Reason I say that is we have made these for years. Lean pockets is what we typically buy. At 2 minutes many many times the sides would burst open.


How Long khổng lồ Cook Hot Pockets

SO I suggest cooking it just a bit shorter than recommended on the package. Try it first before you question what I am saying và see what I mean by this. There is a method khổng lồ my madness here friends.

First you MUST remove and discard the plastic wrapper off of the pocket. Then use the crisping sleeve that is included in the clear baggie. Slide your piece into the sleeve và set on a paper towel. Then heat in your microwave, if that is your method of choice, for 1 minute 50 seconds. If you choose lớn heat in your oven, air fryer or toaster oven you will not use this sleeve and the timing will be longer. I explain the proper time for those below.Fold the bottom pieces inward & seal. Slide the pocket up a bit và sit on the folded pieces as a holder. Enjoy.

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Timing may vary depending on the wattage of your machine. Really small ones lượt thích in an RV aren’t as hot so this is based on a 1,000 wat machine.

Did you know that was the intention?? If you push up just a bit và fold the bottom pieces in you can hold it và eat as you see here. I don’t think a lot of people realize this. There’s not a lot of instruction for it other than it says which end to push in first, then you can video clip it in so it doesn’t xuất hiện back up.


Hot Pocket Cook Time Air Fryer

Ok so you can use this small kitchen appliance to heat it up too. It takes a bit longer than microwaving. We did make homemade air fryer hot pockets the other day with defrosted Rhodes dough. Adding pizza filling into the center turned out fabulous but you can cook frozen hot pockets this way too.

You won’t need the inner sleeve for this one though so you can discard that. Always preheat your machine so that every minute it is in the basket it is surrounded by the same temperature the entire time.

Air Fry Hot Pocket

You can see our homemade version here filled with pizza ingredients. You could easily make a dessert version too this way using refrigerated or frozen dough. Even with the frozen versions it is my favorite method by far.


Hot Pocket Cook Time Conventional Oven

This is the longest method. You’d need lớn preheat your oven to 350 degrees F khổng lồ bake your hot pockets. Set on a cookie sheet without the sleeves & bake for about 28 minutes. In a convection oven it would only take about 12 lớn 15 minutes, better but still a lot longer than the other methods.

Heating hot pockets in the oven work well if that is all you have. I think a piece of parchment paper is handy to lớn have on the bottom in case anything leaks out.

Carefully remove baking sheet with an oven mitt of course. Let sit for a minute or two và then enjoy. Internal temperature of 165 is recommended but the insides are previously cooked.

If you only have a toaster oven you’d use the same temperature as above but since it is a smaller unit you’d be closer khổng lồ 12 ish minutes too.


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