Mekong delta tours 2 days 1 night

Overview:Here we are in the South Vietnam of Ho bỏ ra Minh city ( Formerly Saigon) và Mekong Delta, ( Mekong Delta or Cuu Long: literally mean: Nine Dragons River) One of the biggest rice & tropical fruit bowl of the World và Mekong River – Amazing river in South East Asia or You can call it as the 2nd Amazon river in S.E Asia. It will be huge miss if you do not make your trip down lớn the delta to see our real life along the legendary Mekong river ( The Mother of all water)
Real Mekong - Scooter ride through rice fields

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Pick you at your hotel in Saigon và drive lớn Mekong Delta.
9:00AM Visit Can Duoc wet market – Stunning rural informal setting market to see all fresh stuffs và super friendly market goers
10:00AM – 11:45AM: The highlight is khổng lồ visit chảy Hoa village khổng lồ meet Mr Phi family ( He is a veteran who served 5-1/2 year in Cambodia fighting against Khmer Rouge regime and to hear his survived story) Then taking a scooter ride ( you are on the back of our safe driver – Safe Helmet on) khổng lồ go on small village paths covering by Coconut trees.
Real Mekong experience - Can Duoc Wet Market
Giving oppurtunity to lớn take many pictures in rural village of Xom Ray và Trai Ca - crossing paddy rice fields. You will learn our rice process from start lớn finish. Visit long fruits garden with A super friendly family, Mr Thuan who will nội dung you about their life và how they make a living in a small village of Giang Lanh hamlet.

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12:00 at noon. Cold beer time!!!!! and home cooked lunch
1:00 PM – 2:00PM Transfer to Mytho ‘s dock for another highlight of the day is our boat trip.
Passing some islands with many floating fish farms in the upper Mekong river lớn Bentre Province
Transfer lớn smaller hand row sampan lớn wind though green , lush Cong Chua cannal – Amazon liked creek natural canal shading by water coconut và mangrove trees.then walking through the jungle village of Que Son khổng lồ the local highway.

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