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From luxury designer brands such as Coach & Louis Vuitton to small, privately-owned antique shops, you can cover the entire range of shopping in Don"t miss out on anything in your search, from bargain bins to lớn bespoke.

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Found throughout, selling products from food to lớn clothing khổng lồ jewelry, the major department stores include Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya, Sogo, Takashimaya, Isetan and Matsuya. Matsuzakaya & Mitsukoshi were both founded nearly 400 years ago as kimono fabrics dealers. Newer chains such as Tokyu, Odakyu & Keio were established by the railway companies, and are found near or attached lớn major stations. Try working your way up, from the basement food cấp độ to the many retail shops, lớn the restaurants on the đứng đầu floors.

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These complexes can be found throughout the major cities, either in old buildings that have been newly re-purposed or connected lớn high-rise buildings. Inside you may find hotels, movie & stage theaters, và luxury condos coupled with excellent shops. These include popular restaurants & bars, well-known clothing stores, and independent, trendy ventures. Roppongi"s Tokyo Midtown is a great example of one such complex và is trang chủ to the The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo


Major buildings such as 109 và Marui in Tokyo & E-ma & HEP FIVE in Osaka are packed with smaller, boutique clothing & cosmetic shops. Largely catering khổng lồ women, there are some shops for men too, as well as many restaurants. They also often have entertainment options such as movie theaters or live-music stages, or different themes such as the European village inspired Venus Fort in Odaiba



Big & small shops abound in the most populous metro area in the world. Ginza boasts the most expensive real estate, and therefore many of the most famous brands have flagship stores here. Akihabara


The ancient heart of has both modern & classic hoianuong.vnese goods available for purchase. Head to Shijo Street to find the aforementioned Takashimaya and Marui department stores, alongside many smaller shops khổng lồ browse. Nishiki Market has all your food needs covered, with over a hundred shops selling fresh foods and everything you need lớn cook anything. Or if you"re in the mood to hunt for a bargain, head khổng lồ the Kobo-ichi Market on the 21st of each month và browse through over a thousand shops selling everything from kimono to lớn antiques.

A large Aeon shopping mall can be found in front of the Nagoya Dome. If you"re looking for a smaller cửa hàng experience, head to Osu Street and check out the numerous small shops và food stalls. For the international brand consumer, take a look at the Sakae area & you"ll find yourself lost amongst the stars, with many shops such as Gucci, Chanel and Dior.

The mercantile heart of offers a variety of shopping experiences. Grand Front Osaka, opened in 2013, features a massive 44,000 square meters of shopping space split among three buildings. It"s easily accessible from Osaka Station . You can even stay at Osaka Station and enjoy shopping in Osaka Station City. The Dotonbori district is a great place to go khổng lồ browse and eat-till-you-drop in true Osaka spirit. Or head to the Shinsaibashi area, which dates back lớn the 17th century. It features a wide range of both new and old shops. Nearby there"s Amerikamura, the heart of youthful fashions & trends.

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