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Xuan Hong is another Vietnamese lady who has cooking show which is aired every week on one of Vietnamese television network in San Francisco, California. She is also a owner of a restaurant specialized Vietnamese cuisine & what is the name? Ummm, let’s us try remembering… uuuummmm… ohhhhh hhhh h, its name is Nha Trang Restaurant. As in her cooking show she mentioned about her cosmetic line too, but we’re unable lớn remember its name; we’ll let you know when we back next time.

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Lua Hong – Xuan Hong’s Cooking

Some of cooking videos she has done which many people love them:

Cake: Banh Chuoi Nuong; Sandwich: Banh ngươi Thit Nguoi; Wine: Com Ruou Mien Nam,Com Ruou Mien Bac; Meatloaf: Cha Lua Chay; Vegetarian (Rice Soup): Chao Long Chay; Fried:Chim Cut Chien Bo; Dessert:Che Khoai Mon, Che Dau Van, Che Khoai Mon, Che Tao Xon; Stir-Fried…: De Xao Lan; Cake (Ice Cream Banana/Blue Java):Banh Chuoi Hap; Yogurt Vietnam; Liverwurst: Pate Gan;Vietnamese New Year Cake: Banh Chung; xuyên Vo; Fried (Bird, Butter): Chim Cut Chien Bo; Bake (Ice Cream Banana + Sticky Rice): Chuoi Cuon Nep Nuong; Poultry (Chicken + Ginger +): Ga Ram Gung; Vegetarian (): Kho Chay Thap Cam; Fish: Ca Nuc Kho Mang; Meat (Pork):Gio Heo Gia Cay; Vegetarian (Jackfruit Pickle): Goi Mit Chay; Fried Shrimp:Tom Rang Muoi;Xoi Sau Rien, Xoi Nep Than; Stir-Fried Noodle:Mi Xao Don Chay; Roasted Beef: Roast Beef Tenderloin; Clam Chowder Soup:Soup Clam Chowder; Salad: Salsa and Chips; Halloween Snack: Halloween Dip; Preserved Fish:Mam Ca Loc; Vegetarian (Beef Noodle):Pho Bo Chay; Fried (Chicken Wings): Canh Ga Rang Muoi; Vegetarian (Beef Stew): Bo Kho Chay; Dessert (Corn): Che Bap; Fish + Pineapple: Ca dại Kho Khom;

About her personal life? Sorry, we don’t know anything except we saw her adorable baby girl in one of her cooking video; she introduced that her daughter. We think that cooking video about how khổng lồ make Halloween cookies. She’s so cute.

Lua Hong Cooking Showcooking__.com/vao-bep-voi-xuan-hongfoodnet__.com/category/cooking-video/vietnamese-cooking-videos/xuan-hongs-cooking-shows

Have you tried her recipes yet? Please let us know so we can tóm tắt with others. We tried couples of them, it’s not so bad. We’re going try some more soon!

As we mentioned above, she has an adorable little baby girl, we just fortunately get that video clip so we nội dung with you.cooking__.com/halloween-cookies-xuan-hongcooking__.com/spaghetti-for-halloween-xuan-hongcooking__.com/chicken-tender-ga-chien-don-xuan-hong

Actually, she has 2 children.www.cooking__.com/banh-pumpkin-xuan-hong


Let talking a little bit about Xuan Hong recently.

After taking a break (3 months), she was back last month with video recipe “Banh da Lon Nhan Khoai tháng – Xuan Hong” which was published on Jan 29, 2015. We mean YT uploading by tdmaison. She seam has a little changing especially her talking. Last đoạn clip before she took a break is “Com Tau Hu Dut Lo – Xuan Hong” which was published on Oct 15, 2014.

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After watching these two videos again, we noticed a big changing but anyway everybody kinds a happy she is back. We can see it through the number of her cooking videos’ views. The views is increased rapidly; we believe so; for example, “Com Tau Hu Dut Lo – Xuan Hong” has 14,745 views in 4 months, “Banh domain authority Lon Nhan Khoai mon – Xuan Hong” has 16,163 views in 1 month, and, recently, “Suon Hap Tau Xi – Xuan Hong” has 1,103 views in 2 days. It’s not so bad after taking a break.

Here are some of her recent videos which have many views:

Kim đưa ra Cu Cai, Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam, xuyên Vi, phụ thân Ca, Com Tam Bi Cha, ca ri Ga, Banh Bong Lan Man, Banh Bong Lan Hap, Gio Hoa ngây ngô Sac, Miên Xao Cua, Banh da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon

Actually these are best views this year (2015) so far.

To see Xuan Hong’s cooking videos, go to cooking__.com/category/vietnamese/lua-hong-cooking-show.

To see cooking show “Lua Hong” latest cooking video, go to http://www.cooking__.com/vao-bep-voi-xuan-hong.

By the over of năm ngoái (Luna Calendar), some of her cooking đoạn clip is removed from YT but these recipes were made và sold at her restaurant.


As of July 21, 2016, we merged two posts into one because we see it’s not necessary keep in 2 posts.


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