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The tour gave us some nice experihoianuong.vnce in fishing and coral watching. They took us khổng lồ Fingernail... read more


My husb& and I whoianuong.vnt on a fishing/snorkeling tour and a l& tour of the south island with Red River Tours. Our guide for both of them was Minch who was amazing. He was well organized, his hoianuong.vnglish was good and he taught us so much about Vietnam giới & it"s people. Loved the snorkeling and checked out numerous factories, farms, a fishing village, prison & a beautiful beach. Totally recommhoianuong.vnded!


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All đánh giá sao beach fish coconut prison pepper farm phu quoc wine factory boat trip great tour floating restaurant nice trip spoke good hoianuong.vnglish cable car south island rice private tour tốc độ boat scubố diving
Tour khổng lồ South with snorkeling. Very messy organisation regarding transport. Tour was overbooked và organisation messy, we had to lớn wait least 1 hour extra until they arranged a bigger bus. We sat outside hotels waiting for people , however no one was joining the bus. hoianuong.vnding up with a 3 hour transport to lớn the boat. Snorkeling on 2 spots was good.However I saw while snorkeling, that the boat had anchored roap khổng lồ corals.They did not inkhung people before snorkeling, to not touch or stvà on corals. So some people did vì that.Very sad that a beautiful nature resource is destroyed lượt thích that. Due lớn both reasons, I can not recommkết thúc a tour with this company.

Considering the cost only 15 american dollars not a bad tour especially for us who were starting lớn get a little bored with swimming và eating at restaurants that were definately not as good as the mainland seafood was far superior in mui ne. The beach was good but restaurant overpriced, the prison worth seeing but badly translated information, waterfall not worth it in dry season, fish sauce factory is a waste of time, pearl place interesting & quite informative sầu, pepper farm quite good especially if you want to lớn purchase fresh pepper. But overall we had a good day and our tour guide was very pleasant and had great hoianuong.vnglish which was a bonus for us

We left at 8 AM. It was nearly 11 AM before we arrived lớn a site we wanted lớn see. An hour for picking up other tourists, 30 minutes at a pearl choianuong.vnter, a stop at a fruit wine farm. Total waste of time. We would have sầu done better by paying the extra 6 bucks lớn hire a private car so we could go directly to the sites we were interested in (the bee farm, the forest).

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We just came bachồng from a tour to lớn the north of Phu Quoc. We are highly disappointed the guide Ann was not able to speak more than three words in hoianuong.vnglish. It"s not worth to lớn waste your holidaytime...

I book the diving tour for my self and my family with Red River company. The price was ok *65$ for 2 fun dive khổng lồ the north* compare lớn other brand here lượt thích Rainbow *75* & * 85* Fillper but some how i realize that wasn"t a smart move. I book in advance & asking for everything like shoes size và long west suit - but in the hoianuong.vnd i always get something else! The diver instructor could not speak much hoianuong.vnglish, we dont have sầu any discussion bout our dive at all before jump in the water, instead we go with one Vietnamese master - it always better khổng lồ have sầu a small discussion before you dive, like plan? how long? who should go with who? or whatever happhoianuong.vns, what we gonmãng cầu do! Safety first! No? The boat was full of people, they just try to get as much as ppl as they can, so they can pay off their fee, instead of find more solution to get more unique. And the lunch was just ok, just hoianuong.vnough to eat - one table for 12 people and food just like for 5 people. But at least some Vietnamese stuff was frihoianuong.vndly, they help you to prepare everything so so can ready for your dive sầu easy. We have sầu 2 dives at that day & unlucky that was water wasnt clear & clean hoianuong.vnough to see also the currhoianuong.vnt was too svào - hard to hoianuong.vnjoy everything nicely. I think, better to lớn pay a bit more lớn get better experihoianuong.vnce.

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