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Ba Ria - Vung Tau, a coastal province in the Southeast region, is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in Vietnam. Visiting tía Ria - Vung Tau, the natural beauty of this destination will attract you. No matter what you are in ba Ria Vung Tau, you can catch up with the charming landscapes of the blue beaches, mountains, quiet pagodas, etc.

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Ba Ria – Vung Tau is about 3 hours driving from Ho bỏ ra Minh City. With the coastal line of 20 kilometers, ba Ria – Vung Tau has become a favorite destination for a beach holiday in the South of Vietnam. Besides the values of natural landscapes, Vung Tau is also a land with a long historical và cultural tradition. Below are things you should know before going to tía Ria - Vung Tau.

The best time khổng lồ visit ba Ria - Vung Tau

Ba Ria - Vung Tau belongs to the tropical monsoon climate region, with two distinct seasons each year. The rainy season with Southwest monsoon starts from May to October. The dry season in Vung Tau starts from November khổng lồ April next year. During this time, there will be a northeast monsoon. The average annual temperature is 27 Celsius, the lowest, and the highest is about 24.8 Celsius degree & about 28.6 Celsius degree in turn.

Due to lớn the cool và mild climate weather conditions, you can come to lớn visit & enjoy your relaxation time in tía Ria - Vung Tau at any time in the year. However, if you want to lớn swim and enjoy the beach"s atmosphere, you should travel in the dry season. During the dry season, the sea is beautiful and quiet, safe to swim & sail.

How to get to tía Ria – Vung Tau

Vung Tau đô thị is 125 kilometers from Ho bỏ ra Minh City. You can get there by private car, public bus or resort"s shuttle service, or high-speed hydrofoil.

By motorbike or private car

If you go by your motorbike, it will take you about three lớn four hours to lớn get Vung Tau. By following the Highway 1, passing Dong Nai bridge, then turning right along Highway 51 further 100 kilometers, you can reach Vung Tau City.

Another way lớn get there is the route from mèo Lai ferry in District 2, Ho đưa ra Minh city to Nhon Trach in Dong Nai. This route will lead lớn Highway 51; then, you will continue driving further 100 kilometers to reach Vung Tau. This road will help you khổng lồ save your time as it is about 20 kilometers closer than the above one.

If you drive your cars or rent a private vehicle with a driver, you can choose khổng lồ go to Vung Tau through Long Thanh - Dong Nai highway. It will help you khổng lồ shorten the time to lớn Vung Tau khổng lồ about 2 lớn 2.5 hours.

By public bus or resort"s shuttle service

You can choose to drive yourself to tía Ria – Vung Tau khổng lồ enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the way but it would be easier khổng lồ travel on a private car or by bus. You can catch up with the sights around without getting lost.

You can go to lớn the Eastern bus station (Bến xe Miền Đông | Dinh Bo Linh street, Binh Thanh District, Ho đưa ra Minh City) to buy a ticket. From the bus station, it will take you 2 to lớn 3 hours to lớn get Vung Tau. The high- chất lượng coaches are available from 4 a.m. Lớn 7 p.m., each of the buses is 15 minutes apart. Hoa Mai coach, Phuong Trang coach, Thien Phu coach, & Kumho coach are some coaches you can choose.

Besides, all the famous resorts or hotels have their shuttle service from the đô thị center & vice versa. You can easily book a seat when booking your accommodation.

By high-speed hydrofoil

Traveling to Vung Tau by high-speed hydrofoil is the best way lớn save your time và enjoy the sceneries. It just takes you 1.5 hours khổng lồ get Vung Tau while you will experience the river và the sea during the journey. You just need khổng lồ stay in the catamaran & enjoy the view.

Green lines-DP is the newest and the most modern high-speed hydrofoil in operating. The hydrofoil departs from Bach Dang wharf in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị every two hour from 8h00 to 14h00 every day.

Tourist areas in Vung Tau

Let’s learn about some tourist areas in Vung Tau with many hotels, resorts, & varieties of services. They include Front Beach (Bai Truoc), Back Beach (Bai Sau), Long Hai, Ho Tram, và Con Dao island.

Vung Tau Front Beach

The Front Beach is directly located in the thành phố center of Vung Tau, with many high buildings và busy shopping centers. If you would like to enjoy the tranquility, poetic seascape, và explore places with cultural imprints of Vung Tau, Front Beach will be an option that makes you satisfied.

Surrounded by Big Mountain and Small Mountain, Front Beach is a cove, calm and peaceful bay, where boats find moored after sailing. The beach is located next to Front Beach Park with white sand stretching, xanh seawater, gentle waves, và the restaurant serving visitors khổng lồ sunbathe or relax after swimming.

There are many places in Front Beach for you khổng lồ visit, such as the cable oto to the Big Mountain, watching the blue Vung Tau beach below, và visiting the Ho May area on the đứng đầu of the mountain.

Besides, you can walk along the coastal roads around Small Mountain, stop by the lighthouse lớn see the shimmering, vibrant Vung Tau city. You can also find historical & cultural sites of Vung Tau in Front Beach, such as Bach Dinh built by the French, General Museum, Vung Tau Pilot Station, one of the quality architectures in Vung Tau.

Vung Tau Back Beach

If you enjoy the excited and crowded atmosphere & admire a bustling & colorful Vung Tau at night, the Back Beach is more suitable than the Front Beach.

Back Beach, also known as Thuy Van beach, is located in the southeast of Vung Tau city, stretching about 8km from the foot of Small mountain lớn Cua Lap. Back Beach has a harmonious beauty of sand dunes stretching, caesarian forest, coconut palm, and the blue beach.

From the Back Beach, you can see Hon tía island, a small island on the beach. You can follow the stone path to reach Hon Ba & visit Hon cha temple at low tide.

Visiting the Back Beach, you will have a chance to climb nearly 800 steps lớn admire Kito God statue, one of the sites you should not miss in Vung Tau. Christ statue overlooks Nghinh Phong Cape - a small windswept headland with clear sea water scattered with small pebbles spreading to the sea.

Long nhị Beach

Long hai Beach, a popular vacation spot for many travelers, is located about 15km from Vung Tau"s đô thị center. Long hai has stunning beaches with clear sky-blue water, stretching golden sand & resorts near the sea. Due khổng lồ less exploitation of tourism, Long hai beach retains its original & calm features.

Coming khổng lồ Long nhì beach, you can swim, immerse yourself in the cool water & enjoy the sea breeze with the salty taste. The long trắng sandy beach here attracts any beach lover whether it is for swimming or strolling along the coast và admire the romantic sea. For hundred years, Long hai is a preferred beach destination for Saigon people to lớn relax and recharge energy during weekends.

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Visiting Long Hai, you can take your time to drop in the Phuoc nhị fishing village, the earliest fishing village in the region. Binh Chau hot mineral spring is located on the Long nhì tourist route, which is also an exciting destination for visitors.

Ho Tram Beach


Sky-blue water at Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram Beach is 30 kilometers from the North of Vung Tau city & about 120 kilometers from Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Ho Tram appeals travelers by the wild and charming beautiful nature, untouched and pristine scenery, and tranquil atmosphere with crystal-clear beaches.

Ho Tram has typical tropical climate with two main seasons. The rainy season is from May to October while the dry season is from November to April. However, the climate is always pleasant all year round with cool breeze from the beach making it a year-round destination.

There are lots of hotels & resorts built for the relaxation and traveling aim of tourists. Most of them are peaceful & near the beach, surrounded by indigo forests. You can enjoy the idyll atmosphere of the wild forest ecosystem combined with the sandy beach, và the wind is flowing from the beach.

Con Dao island


Con Dao island- off the beaten path beach paradise

Con Dao Archipelago, also called con Lon or bé Son, is an archipelago belonging to cha Ria – Vung Tau province. It is about a one-hour fly from Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Being known as "The hell on Earth," the island witnesses Vietnam"s history of the colonial times và the sacrifice of many heroes. Today bé Dao is an ideal attraction for those interested in discovering Vietnamese history & enjoying the pristine beauty và escape from the daily bustle life. Con Dao has long & white sandy beaches, a beautiful ocean world with colorful coral reefs, và primary rain forests with rich flora & fauna.

Con Dao is voted as one of the ten most charming beaches in the planet by Lonely Planet with lots of peaceful and picturesque beaches. Unlike other places, con Dao remains an off the beaten path island and an excellent destination for a beach holiday. It has a good choice of accommodations from budget to đứng đầu luxury, including our favorite Six Sense nhỏ Dao và Paolo Condo Boutique beach resort.

The best time to lớn travel to đùng Dao is between March & September, with mellow sea waves and beautiful sunshine. Coming mập mạp Dao this time, you will have a chance khổng lồ see Vic coming vĩ đại Dao from everywhere lớn lay an egg. The must-do activities while visiting the island are snorkeling, diving, fishing, watching turtles laying eggs, and exploring deserted beaches.

Top things to vị in Vung Tau

Visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse, the museum of ancient weapons, Kito God Statue, white Palace, Binh Chau hot mineral spring, bé Dao Prison in those tourist areas above will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse

Vung Tau Lighthouse is located in the Small Mountain surrounding the Front Beach. Vung Tau Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam and is the symbol of Vung Tau. Built from 1862 by France, it is used to lớn signal & direct ships.

To get to lớn Vung Tau Lighthouse, you will have to lớn follow the Small Mountain winding road. Following the way, you will catch up with various types of tropical plants và beautiful sceneries. On top, you can enjoy Vung Tau"s panoramic view hidden in the fog, crescent-shaped beaches, green Minh Dam mountain, or the forest of bright porcelain flowers.

Visiting the museum of ancient weapons

The museum of ancient weapons is one of the attractions you should not miss when visiting Vung Tau. This old-fashioned museum was built by Robert Tay, an English man with a passion for collecting valuable artifacts from ancient times. The museum is home to nearly 3000 ancient weapons artifacts of countries around the world such as guns, swords, spears, marks, bayonets, military uniforms, etc.

Some of the featured artifacts include the military uniforms of the British, French, Dutch, Russian, German, etc. In the ancient wars, the costumes of Japanese samurai, Chinese cavalry, the Roman army, Napoleon Bonaparte’s carbine guns, Russian Maxim machine gun popular in World War I và so on.

Visiting the museum, you will have an opportunity lớn discover the values ​​of history through each period from ancient, middle khổng lồ modern times.

Taking pictures with Kito God statue

The statue of Kito God, also known as the figure of Jesus stretching his arms, is a 32 meters high statue of Jesus with an arm span of 18.4 meters. Kito God Statue is one of the most important religious symbols in Vung Tau, which can be seen from all directions.

This statue has set a record of the most prominent Christian statue of Asia in 2012. Located on the đứng đầu of Small Mountain at 176 meters high, to reach this attraction, you will have lớn cross the 1,000-step path. Reaching the top, you will have an opportunity to see the whole thành phố from above và show your photography skills in each corner.

Admiring the architecture and sceneries around the white Palace

White Palace is one of the French ancient architectural works in Vung Tau. The front of the Palace faces the Front Beach; the back leans against the mountain. It is a three-floor building at a height of 19 meters và a length of 25 meters. When visiting the villa, you can see the French architecture from the shape to the layout with artistic decorative borders.

Not only does the trắng Palace attract tourists by its architecture, but it also appeals lớn tourists by the poetic sceneries. Setting foot on the Palace, you will feel that you are lost in an ancient castle amidst a mysterious forest. You can catch up with the green leaves spreading the pathway or porcelain flowers full of colors along the way.

Immersing yourself in the Binh Chau hot mineral spring

Binh Chau hot mineral spring is in Xuyen Moc district, tía Ria - Vung Tau province, about 60 kilometers northeast of Vung Tau city.

Binh Chau hot mineral spring consists of many lakes & small streams, surrounded by the primeval indigo forest with about 7 ha. There are more than 70 open-water sprays with an average temperature of 37 ° C lớn 82 ° C, depending on the area. Binh Chau hot spring has been voted by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as one of 65 sustainable eco-tourism sites of 47 countries worldwide.

Besides, it also has abundant natural mineral mud formed from friendly and wonderful ingredients, which are the leaves và stems of melaleuca sediments under open hot mineral streams dating back hundreds of years. Therefore, no matter how the weather is, soaking in hot water & mud will improve both your health and your skin.

Let’s come to lớn Binh Chau hot mineral spring và relax, dispel fatigue, and refresh your mind!

Learning about the history of Vietnam in con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison is the largest prison in the Indochina, 180 kilometers far from Vung Tau city. It is regarded as a terrifying hell in Asia và also on the list of 10 most cruel prisons in the world. For more than 100 years, nearly 20,000 revolutionary soldiers in different generations have been imprisoned, tortured, và sacrificed.

Con Dao Prison is famous for the brutal exile of French colonialists and American imperialists, which held patriotic, revolutionary fighters in Vietnam. This prison system includes Camp Phu Son, Camp Phu Hai, Camp Phu Tho, Camp Phu Tuong, isolated area Tiger Cages, Cow Cages, Camp Phu An, Camp Phu Phong, and Camp Phu Hung.

It"s an excellent place for visitors who are interested in learning about Vietnamese history. You will undoubtedly have unforgettable memories in nhỏ Dao Prison.

Accommodation in Vung Tau

There are many hotels and resorts from budget to lớn luxury available in Vung Tau. However, if you want to admire & walk along the beach, you should choose hotels or resorts in Ha Long, Thuy Van, or Tran Phu road, which are easy to lớn access khổng lồ the beaches. Below are some recommended hotels for you:

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resortis a highly recommended resort. It has the best private beach in the area. The resort appeals khổng lồ beach holidayers with the traditional Vietnamese architectural style và a wide range of room choice from classical building khổng lồ garden or sea view bungalows. It"s an extensive resort featuring a lush green garden surrounded the lotus lakes that create a beautiful tropical vibe. The resort facilities include a fitness center, two restaurants, bars, & two enormous swimming pools (both saltwater and freshwater). Activities provided include fishing, kayaking, beach volleyball, cycling, cooking and yoga classes. Besides, Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort is also a suitable choice for a family holiday in Vung Tau. You can find the children"s playground on the resort"s campus and enjoy the time with your children here.

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