Ben thanh street food market: a trendy food hall in ho chi minh city (saigon), vietnam


Ben Thanh Street Food Market located on 26 – 28 – 30 Thu Khoa Huan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, about 200m lớn Ben Thanh Market. The street food market open from 5:00 Am khổng lồ 2:00 AM everyday. The market open very early and close late at night so that this is the perfect place for all visitors come khổng lồ Saigon enjoy the foods at your time so at the same time Guests can also discover the hustle & bustle of nightlife in the heart of không nên Gon.

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Not only Vietnamese street foods, visitors to lớn Ben Thanh Street Food Market also have the opportunity to enjoy many street foods of Asian and European countries such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, both Indian and Western European foods … It can be said that Ben Thanh Street Food Markett is a quality street food complex of many countries.


How to lớn get there

The distant from the Trip Apartment RiverGate Residence to Ben Thanh Street Food Market follow the google bản đồ is 2,1km and take 9 minutes to get there, but with the Grab map it’s only 1,32 km, and take about 3-5 minutes lớn get there.

The cost to get there :

Taxi, Grab card cost : 33k vnđ ($ 1.5), It’s very cheap for 2-3 people

Grab xe đạp cost : 15k ( $0,7) for 1 people.

Grab is always cheaper than xe taxi except the high traffic demand time.

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Ben Thanh Street Food Market is highly recommended as a must-visit place to lớn enjoy a wonderful dining experience with specialities from many countries as well as tasty dishes from the three regions of Viet Nam.

Vietnamese foods should try :
Cha Gio – Spring Roll
Bun Ca Long Xuyen
Com Tam La Sen
Chao Tom
Bun Mam
Banh Cuon
Bun Bo Hue
Pho – Phở
Com Tam
Cuon Tom
grilled Shrimp

You can get there to lớn discovery more & more.

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