Sun world ba na hills 14 experiences in da nang


During the planning phase of our trip to Danang, Vietnam, the first place that my sister & I both wanted to see was the famous Golden Hands Bridge (officially called the Golden Bridge). The marketing for the Golden Bridge has been fantastic with the epic drone videos (although drones aren’t allowed) & the Instagram photos of the two giant stone hands holding up the walkway. 

What you may not have realized is that the ultra-hyped Golden Bridge is only a small part of the Sun World cha Na Hills theme park & resort. It’s called a “fairyland” và “heaven on Earth” due to the cooler weather, beautiful views of the hills, low-key thrill rides, and entertainment. You’ll get the Disney World’s Epcot vibe as you walk through a miniature version of Europe. 

In this Sun World tía Na Hills guide, we’re sharing what you need to know about visiting this popular attraction & what to bởi in tía Na Hills.

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We stayed for five hours và enjoyed our visit. Whether you have a half-day, full-day, or an overnight stay, it’s worth the experience if you want a day trip from Danang đô thị center. 


Welcome lớn the Sun World tía Na Hills entrance!

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Why Visit Sun World ba Na Hills?

If you’ve been in Danang for a few days và need a change of scenery from the beaches và city life, Sun World ba Na Hills resort is a great place to get some crisp, fresh air. Located in Danang’s mountains at an altitude of 1,487 meters (4,878 feet) above sea level, this place is surrounded by stunning greenery and trees that extend for miles.

You’ll have the opportunity to ride one of the longest cable car rides, visit manicured gardens, explore the French Village and other European themed places, eat European & Vietnamese cuisine, stay overnight at the fancy Mercure Hotel, play games, & much more. The resort is expanding even more as there are construction areas for future hotels & attractions. If you have children, this place is a fun getaway for them as well. We’ll share more about the highlights of things to bởi vì here below. 


Wouldn’t you want khổng lồ see this beautiful garden?

How to Get lớn Sun World ba Na Hills From Danang city Center

Sun World ba Na Hills is approximately 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Danang’s My Khe Beach, so it’ll take around 45 minutes to lớn get there. There are several transportation options that you can get here:

1. Ride your rented motorbike và park it in the parking lot.

2. Take a taxi or a Grab motorbike or car. Download the không tính tiền ride-hailing phầm mềm here.

You’ll need khổng lồ have a SIM card to use Grab, so we recommend that you pick one up on your arrival at the Danang airport. Click here lớn save money và pre-purchase your SIM card.

Another opportunity is to lớn change your international phone plane. If you’re from the U.S, consider switching lớn Google Project Fi. You can use data and text in over 200+ international areas without needed khổng lồ pay extra. We’ve used this plan since 2016 and love it! Sign up for Google Project Fi & receive a $20 USD credit!

3. Hire a driver. We contemplated taking a Grab oto or having a driver. The price was similar lớn hiring a Grab oto but we didn’t want to deal with the possibility of getting stranded at bố Na Hills. (Note: There were Grab drivers hanging around in the parking lot during our visit.) 

Therefore, we booked a driver two days before our trip via Klook. It was easy communication between Klook and me to confirm our hotel location. Our driver was on-time for pick-up and was very safe on the roads. We communicated to him when we were done for pick-up back khổng lồ the city center.

4. Take a tour which includes transportation. A tour isn’t necessary as you can walk around the theme park by yourself. However, here are two options lớn consider:

5. If you’re coming from Hoi An, it’s recommended lớn hire a private driver. Click here to reserve a one-way or round-trip way here.

When lớn Go to ba Na Hills

We suggest that you visit on a weekday as it will be less crowded. Even then, there are thousands of visitors each day. Avoid the weekends và Vietnam holidays unless you like to wait in lines. 

As with the timing, you can visit at any time of the day. As a warning, most of the tour buses arrive past 9:00am so the theme park is super crowded from the morning to after lunchtime. 

If you’re only looking khổng lồ take photos on the Golden Bridge with fewer crowds, plan khổng lồ arrive between 7:00am – 7:45am. Therefore, you’ll need to lớn leave Danang between 5:45am – 6:00am và then take the đôi mươi minutes cable oto ride to the bridge. Or, you can visit in the late afternoon before sunset which will provide the “golden hour” glow in the photos. 


Here is the famous Golden Bridge at ba Na Hills with fewer crowds. Photo taken around 7:40am.

Ba na Hills Entrance Fee

A visit to ba Na Hills is expensive compared to other local attractions in Danang. (Even the sister amusement park, Sun World Danang Wonders is a steal at 200,000 VND/$8.60 USD for adults.) The bố Na Hills ticket price is:

Adults: 750,000 VND ($32 USD)Children between 1-1.4 meters: 600,000 VND ($25.60 USD)

The price includes the cable oto rides, access khổng lồ the ba Na Hills theme park, và most games in Fantasy Park. It excludes the wax museum, several Fantasy Park indoor sports activities, và the buffet meal.

You can buy your tickets in advance either online or at the entrance gate. 

We purchased our discounted tickets through Klook as they had the best deal. It was easy lớn redeem our e-voucher at the Klook counter in the entrance gate area. 

What to bởi at tía Na Hills

Here is our menu of recommended things to vày in tía Na Hills. We didn’t get to lớn see everything as we stayed for half a day, so we look forward khổng lồ returning again to lớn explore further. 

1. Ride the cable cars throughout bố Na Hills.

The attractions are spread out between two main hillsides so everyone needs lớn ride cable cars. The cable cars are sturdy và can withstand strong winds so you don’t need lớn worry about swaying. 

Currently, there are five cable car lines with more lines added to lớn the future. Each cable car can hold up lớn 10 people, so you’ll share a car with other visitors.

From the Hoi An station at the main entrance lớn the Golden Bridge, it’s a 20-minute ride. From the French Village khổng lồ the Hoi An station, it’s about a 30-minute ride. 

If you have the chance, take a cable car ride from L’indochine station khổng lồ the Toc Tien Station at the main entrance. This line earned four Guinness World Records, including the “longest non-stop single-track cable car” in Vietnam. Another highlight includes seeing the incredible Toc Tien waterfall along the way. 

There is an option lớn take a funicular between D’amour Station và Le Jardin Station. It makes it easier to see the area after crossing the Golden Bridge, such as the Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden. Linh Ung Pagoda, etc. We didn’t have a chance khổng lồ take it as we walked instead. 


Look at the views when riding the cable cars at tía Na Hills!

2. Walk along the Golden Bridge.

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Who knew that the Golden Bridge would boost tourism khổng lồ this place? It opened in June 2018 & is located at an altitude of 1,414 meters (4,639 feet). The Golden Bridge is easy to lớn spot when you exit the station as there are two large stone hands holding the bridge right in front of you. The background of the stunning mountain landscape makes this an extra special place.

What surprised us during our visit was that the bridge wasn’t that long. If you didn’t stop by to lớn take photos, it would take about 2 minutes khổng lồ walk across. 

Tip: Since the bridge is a popular spot, you’ll need to be patient with taking photos at the right time. Stay assertive with your photo spot as groups of people will cut without knowing that you’re waiting or photobomb. You may have a few wedding photographers asking you to move. Otherwise, visiting early in the morning or late afternoon will have fewer crowds in your photo. 

While we’ve heard that people would visit the Golden Bridge và immediately leave, we think the other parts of the theme park is well worth the visit. 


Going banana at cha Na Hills! Get the joke?

3. Take photos of everything.

Sun World bố Na Hills did an excellent job creating lots of picturesque spots. Once you leave the Golden Bridge, there are playful statues (more lượt thích the hands & heads popping out from the ground), painted staircases, và beautiful flowers everywhere. Around the Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden entrance, you can pose with an adorable cable car topiary. 


4. Wander through the Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden. 

The Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden is one of our favorite spots at tía Na Hills. There are 9 different gardens that have different themes & architecture, such as the Love Garden, Memory Garden, Heaven Garden, etc. It’s the perfect spot for those who love colorful và well-manicured gardens. We loved the garden that had the giant peacock’s head with plants for its toàn thân and the main central garden that is also a maze. 

While you’re in the area, stop by the Debay Wine Cellar if you want lớn enjoy a glass of wine. Otherwise, it’s best to lớn skip this attraction. You’ll first walk through an underground wine cellar that was built by the Fench in 1923. The walkthrough looks lượt thích an attempt to lớn highlight the process of winemaking but it’s a bit creepy and has a haunted house vibe. Luckily, the saving grace is that you over up at the restaurant to lớn try specialty wines. 


We loved seeing the giant peacock in this garden.

5. Visit the Linh Ung Pagoda to lớn see the Big Buddha.

Danang has three Linh Ung Pagodas – one at tía Na Hills, one at Marble Mountain, và one in Son Tra area that is also called Linh Ung Pagoda. We’re pleased lớn say that we visited three of the Linh Ung pagodas during our trip! Here, you’ll find a huge Buddha statue overlooking the statue. During our visit, it was around Buddha’s birthday, so the area had streams of colorful ribbons surrounding Buddha. 

6. Roam around the French Village. 

Head back to lớn the cable car station at the Golden Bridge to lớn go khổng lồ the next destination – the French Village. While we haven’t been lớn France khổng lồ compare the architecture, you’ll notice the European inspired facade such as the Saint Denis Church which is another hot spot for wedding photos. With the restaurants, stairways, và stores, the entire area is great khổng lồ take photos.

The main area also has music and dance performances. We didn’t receive an entertainment schedule và couldn’t find one online. Whenever something appeared, we would watch the performance. 

There are also entertainers taking photos with visitors. Kiểm tra out the invisible man or the person who looks lượt thích a statue. We couldn’t help ourselves and had khổng lồ take photos with three women standing on stilts. They were so eloquent when they walked by & greeted guests. 

Although not in France, you can also travel khổng lồ Germany to the Beer Garden và try beer và international cuisines.


7. Feel the need for speed on the Alpine Coasters.

Interested in riding an alpine coaster? It’s where up khổng lồ two people sit in a bobsled type of vehicle và get the opportunity to ride along the mountainside. 

At ba Na Hills, there are two alpine tracks lớn try this opportunity. Both Alpine Coaster 1 & 2 provide the same experience. If you’re short on time, head to lớn Alpine Coaster 2 which is located nearby the Louvre Station. The line goes by faster as there is a double track. Alpine Coaster 1 is next to Fantasy Park. 

We had a blast trying both of the lines. The best part is that you get to lớn control your speed with the brake levers. Push forward lớn accelerate & pull back khổng lồ slow down. There are signs to remind you lớn slow down around the curved areas, but I liked to go fast down the curves. 

Before you go on the ride, the ride representative reminds you to not bump the person in front of you (it’s not a bumper cars ride) và you needed đôi mươi meters (65 feet) apart throughout the ride. 

Tip: Don’t forget khổng lồ smile for the cameras for the photo opportunities. You can purchase your souvenir photo as you exit the ride for 60,000 VND ($2.60 USD). Your photo will come with an online code so you can tải về an e-copy.

If you would lượt thích to ride another alpine coaster in Vietnam that is even faster, head lớn Dambri Waterfall Tourist Area in Bao Loc.


Blaze down the mountain in your alpine coaster. (Not recommended khổng lồ photograph & drive at the same time.)

8. Play games and go on rides at Fantasy Park. 

If you’re seeking games và low-seeking thrill rides, visit Fantasy Park, an indoor entertainment area. Many of the rides & games are included in your entrance fee. 

We highly recommend the drop tower ride in the center of the area. You’re strapped to lớn a seat & the ride goes up & then drops back down. However, this ride is different than ones that we’ve been on as there are some unexpected twists when dropping down. The extra twists make the experience more thrilling. 

Although we didn’t have a chance lớn fully explore the multi-level area, we passed by the 3D và 4D rides & a Jurassic Park type of ride which looked interesting. 

The Wax Museum is located in Fantasy Park. You’ll need to lớn pay for an additional fee to lớn enter the museum. 

9. Check out the other spiritual attractions nearby the French Village. 

If you want to lớn see Buddhist inspired architecture, head lớn the various spiritual attractions behind the French Village Mercure Hotel. Vietnam has a high Buddhist population so it makes sense to lớn have a spiritual attraction area for visitors to experience. 

Check out the Linh Phong monastery & the Linh Phong Thin Tu Pagoda. You’ll get more incredible views of the hillside from the pagoda. You’ll also see a statue of Lady Buddha while you’re at the pagoda. 

Tip: The walking path to lớn these attractions has a lot of stairs so it’s best to avoid if you have knee or leg problems. 

If you bởi decide to lớn walk up & down the stairs, pay attention khổng lồ the amplified insect buzzing noises when you walk through the trees. We think the noises are from hidden speakers to provide more of an outdoor ambiance. 


Here is Lady Buddha at the pagoda. You can also see two more Lady Buddhas in Danang – one on Marble Mountain and another in Linh Ung Pagoda at Son Tra peninsula.

10. Eat your way through the park. 

The theme park has 14 restaurants with international cuisine that you can try. From French to Chinese khổng lồ Vietnamese cuisine, you can eat your way through the park. Unfortunately, we didn’t try any of the restaurants as they were on the higher price – 250,000 VND ($10.80 USD) & above. However, you can save money by purchasing your admission ticket with a lunch buffet. The lunch buffets offer 80+ variety of foods to lớn try. 

You can also opt lớn try the food from the outdoor vendors. In the Beer Garden area, there are several of these types of vendors. We saw a whole roasted pig on a spit và roasted duck. If you don’t know what lớn order, they have plates of what the dish looks like so you can see before ordering.

Where khổng lồ Stay in cha Na Hills

A quality experience is lớn stay overnight at the Mercure Hotel in cha Na Hills. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a European village?! The khách sạn rooms price is on the higher side as one night for two people starts at $120 USD, excluding admission cost. Check availability & reserve a room at the Mercure hotel here. 

If you don’t want khổng lồ stay overnight, you can consider renting a room for 3 to lớn 6 hours or sign up for a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp package. 

Otherwise, head back khổng lồ Danang for your Danang accommodations. Find the perfect accommodations in Danang and make a reservation here.

Other Helpful Travel Tips

Wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll walk a lot.The weather is cooler, so you may need to lớn bring a light jacket. Otherwise, the weather is a nice break from the humidity in the thành phố center. Bring an umbrella for an unexpected rainstorm or lớn shield yourself from the sun.Stay hydrated.

Sun World bố Na Hills Facts

Address: An Son Village, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang Dist., Danang

Founded: 2009

Opening Hours: 7:00am lớn 10:00pm for the cable cars (daily)

Official trang web (English):

Tickets: Purchase your discounted tickets here!

Overall, we had a fun experience at bố Na Hills and hope you consider adding this place to lớn your Danang itinerary! We would consider going back once the construction has finished for the newest additions to lớn the resort. 

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Have you been to tía Na Hills? If so, what was your favorite part of your experience? Let us know in the comments if you have questions about this guide.

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