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My trip to Vietnam early this year was an eye-opener for my coffee journey. Vietnamese coffee is its own chất lượng thing, & I’m glad that I got to lớn try it finally. I could never get enough of it. I fell in love with Vietnamese coffee so much that I threw away some of the stuff in my bag lớn make room for coffee beans on my way back. Trung Nguyen’s Creative 8 is the first of the many Vietnamese coffee beans that I’ll be reviewing.

For some introduction about Trung Nguyen, they’re the largest coffee establishment in Vietnam. Think of them as the Starbucks of Vietnam.

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They offer a wide range of Vietnamese coffee, và their Creative 8 is the best of the lot.

Trung Nguyen Creative 8

Trung Nguyen has six different coffees in its creative series, & creative 8 is their most premium one. Vietnamese coffee, in general, is robusta that is very strong and bitter. Creative 8, on the other hand, seems very different but tastes amazing.

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 Blind Testing


I’ve tried various blends of Vietnamese coffee in the past few months, & there is nothing like Trung Nguyen Creative 8. This is easily one of the perfect drinks that I see myself having for years to come.

Roaster: Trung NguyenOrigin: VietnamBean Type: RobustaAcidity: MediumSweetness: HighBitterness: Low

Drip Score: 5/5

You can buy Trung Nguyen Creative 8 from Len’s Coffee in the US, or from Trung Nguyen themselves in Europe.

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